Enterprise Application Management and Implementation Services

A full-service IT management consulting firm, 3PM Consulting Group offers the following services:


Project Initiation

Critical to the successful launch and execution of any project is the Project Initiation Phase.  Project initiation is the process of defining overall project objectives, deliverables and expectations of effort required to successfully complete a project.  It involves the creation of a Project Charter that details:

  • Business needs, high-level project description, or product requirements that are the focus of the project
  • Specific customer and other stakeholder project needs or expectations
  • Project purpose or justification
  • Assigned Project Manager and authority level
  • Summary milestone schedule
  • Stakeholder influences
  • Functional organizations involved and their participation
  • Organizational, environmental, and external assumptions and constraints

 3PM brings a wealth of experience specific to ERP Implementation/Upgrade projects. Our expertise and experience includes Public Sector and Education.

Business Process [D]efinition, [M]apping and [R]e-Engineering

Our Project Managers take the time to understand your business, get familiarized with your operational model and find the right fit for your organization.  Our staff will conduct on-site interviews to document your business processes, identify productivity and data flow issues, and identify your unique operational challenges and opportunities.   


1. Focus on business outcomes, not tasks.
2. Identify all the processes in an organization and prioritize them in order of redesign urgency.
3. Treat geographically dispersed resources as though they were centralized.
4. Link parallel activities in the workflow instead of just integrating their results.
5. Put the decision point where the work is performed, and build quality assurance into the process.
6. Identify data owners and capture information once and at the source.

Fit-Gap Analysis

Fit Gap Analysis is methodology by which business processes and system functions are compared, evaluated and documented as to match (fits) and mismatch (gaps). 

As a part of Fit Gap Analysis our project managers will  

  • Review and document each of the critical business processes by functional area;
  • Identify all key data elements that will need to be converted;
  • Review methods for the use of certain data elements;
  • Document interfaces that would need to be implemented;

The resulting sessions will

  • Ensure that the Application Software being implemented at a minimum meets all current business processes;
  • Assess the application's capability to meet future business requirements;
  • Moderate changes in procedures to be sure that 'Best Practice' is followed;
  • Identify necessary interfaces for capture;
  • Identify issues (gaps) that may require policy changes;


During the implementation phase, 3PM Consulting Group offers a wide range of implementation support services.  At 3PM we employ experienced certified Project Managers to ensure quality of our deliverables. While product-specific activities, such as installation, setup and customization are generally handled by the ERP vendor, our staff can cover the following aspects of the ERP implementation phase:                           

  • Project Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis, Mapping, Clean-up and Migration
  • Deployment
  • Report Specification and Writing
  • Testing
  • Training


The highly trained and experienced project managers at 3PM Consulting Group can design a comprehensive training program that is unique to your organization and its unique way of doing business.

Additional services

  • I.T. Assessments
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Multi-media Classroom Design